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Your Portfolio Details & Examining Expectations

Saturday, March 3rd 11 AM - 1 PM


Call or email Kara, to reserve your spot today!

At this Investor Coaching Session:
- John will go over his portfolios and show you his accounts (the same allocations you have). He will show you some very important lessons in volatility and discipline, and how his accounts have grown. We will show you what we are doing with our own retirement money...we practice what we teach!
- We will go over our current portfolios and show you the diversification.
- We will go over fund performance and various different asset classes to see the changes in 2017.
- We will review how to measure the risk in your portfolio so you know what to expect.
- We will show you how to keep your emotions from ruining your potential returns. 
- We will go over a history of the markets and "What happens after the market corrections?"
- We will go over the questions you should be asking and the importance of an investment policy statement.
- Learn how many well intentioned advisors and brokers do the wrong things for their investors.
- And of course, we will answer questions from the group.

The best defense you have against volatile markets is knowledge and a decisive and prudent investment strategy. This class is for our clients, but guests are welcome...don't keep this important information a secret!

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