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Hook, Line & Sinker - Gullibility in Investing

Saturday, September 14th 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Call or email Kara, to reserve your spot today!

The financial industry hopes YOU never find out this information! Simply put, your lack of knowledge, fear, anxiety, or greed are profitable for them. They want to keep you in the dark, so they can make more money from unsuspecting investors. We will expose the deceptions!

At this Investor Coaching Session You Will Learn Important Lessons About:
- We open up the book "The Annals of Gullibility" and learn why we get duped and how to avoid it, both in life and in investing.
- Learn the inside secrets on how the financial industry has ways of making you believe they have abilities they do not have.
- The similarities between the psychic industry and the financial industry.
- The Fear Monger and the Greed Meister Chronicles.
- All in attendance will participate in a multi-week lottery pool. Will we get lucky?

You know what we teach and how important it is. Guests welcome by invitation only from a client. Spread the word to important people in your life! Bring a guest so they too never become a victim.

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