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What It Means To Be A Fiduciary Advisor

Royal American Financial Advisors is a fiduciary advisor. In keeping your best interests in mind, we will not accept any commissions, fees, or incentives from any third parties or financial institutions. Our compensation is not effected by financial products or incentives. We have made a commitment to only accept compensation directly from our clients. By making this commitment to not accept compensation from third parties, we eliminate potential conflicts, so you can have confidence we are making decisions in your best interest.

Dedicated to Your Peace of MInd,
John Borger & Scott Buchanan

Knowledge and Collaboration Creating Wealth

In this video, John takes you another part of what helps to create wealth around the world, knowledge and collaboration. It's happening faster and faster. After watching this video you will build confidence in your prudent diversified portfolio and be able to dismiss the fear mongers.

Another video you will enjoy watching.
In this video we cover:
Knowledge and Collaboration:
- It was better in the olden days. Really?
- Everybody is working for everybody else.
- The information superhighway. Instant sharing of information around the world creating wealth and saving lives. Waverly Technologies and COLON TOWN.
- Once we know, we can't unknow.
Invest Intelligently!
John Borger & Scott Buchanan

Evil Will Always Exist

This is 10 minutes you will never forget. You will laugh and you will cry.

Even though most of the world is quietly good, we can't bury our heads in the sand. The key word is rational optimism. We show you the evil in the world. Cult leaders, murderers, tyrants, oppressors, despots, communists, C.E.Os., Wall Street magnates and bankers stealing from people, terrorism. 
...and it's gone (South Park Bank). 
Another one of our jobs is to protect you against fraud, scams, shenanigans, and from the sociopaths in the financial industry. 
We end this video with good and evil in one awesome tribute to the 911 firefighters (FDNY). It's hard to watch, but we must never forget. 
Share this with the younger generation. 
Continue to learn, stay diversified according to your risk tolerance, stay disciplined, and rebalance. Education is your best defense against imprudent investing. 
Invest intelligently!
John Borger & Scott Buchanan


137 Ways to Get Rich

Wish fulfillment! The fantasy...What if? Forbes magazine published 137 ways to get rich, and 365 ways. Which is it? Another says you can double your money 20 times in the next 20 days. Then we show a humorous clip...You should listen to your wife! Enjoy!

Continue to learn, stay diversified according to your risk tolerance, stay disciplined, and rebalance. Education is your best defense against imprudent investing.
Invest intelligently!
John Borger & Scott Buchanan

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