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Special Virtual Event: Psychics, Magic, and Investing Prognosticators

Saturday, July 18th 9:00 AM


Call or email Kara, to reserve your spot today!

Via the online-meeting platform Zoom. There is no waiting in line to exit parking. There is no drive time to the event and back home. The quiet (if we're lucky) of our homes has become the hushed moment when the lights dim and the curtain rises.

We all need a break from the relentlessly negative news media, so we are going to have some fun and laughter. Feel free to gather your family around the computer for this event. Remember to be smart and safe!

With Special Guest: Comedy Magician Matt Marcy

Matt Marcy is a professional magician, comedian, emcee and keynote speaker who's spent the last 20 years amazing and inspiring more than 3,000 audiences around the world with his own style of conjuring that leaves audiences laughing and gasping in astonishment! There are no bunny rabbits, tuxedos, or cheesy old jokes in his show; instead, Matt creates unique moments for each audience filled with miracles and laughter that will stay with you long after he's gone. Matt Marcy is going to teach us some tricks, read our minds through the screen from far away, make us laugh, and much more. You will love it!

Requirement to Receive Your Special Invitation:
We are Investment Coaches. We want you to learn, while making it fun and interesting at the same time. To receive your invitation, all you have to do, sometime in the next 3 weeks, is watch 4 recent and ineresting video clips from a recent class The similarities between the psychic industry and the financial industry, and answer 1 of 4 simple questions on or before the Thursday, July 16th deadline. That's it! We will send you the invitation to our special event, and event day will be nothing but 30 minutes of fun and laughter.

Call Kara for your personal invitation with the video links and questions. Answer 1 of the 4 simple questions on or before the Thursday, July 16th deadline and you will receive an invitation for you and your family to attend the magic and comedy event.

Bonus Raffle: For each question you answer on or before the Thursday July 16th deadline, you get one raffle entry, up to 4 chances to win. Odds of winning depend upon how many clients answer questions. $500.00 in prizes.

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Say tuned for details on future events.



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