Royal American eMoney

- Organize your financial life on your own safe and secure personal website.
- Everything you own and owe in one place, updated daily.
- Monitor all your accounts and net worth.
- Create a budget. 
- This amazing benefit is included as a client of Royal American Financial  Advisors, LLC.

For a demonstration watch the videos below.


Royal American eMoney Life In A Box


An overview of how eMoney will help you organize your financial life.
Those who know what they have, fare better that those that don't.


Royal American eMoney Video Tour


An overview of your personal financial website.


Your Information is Secure with eMoney


An overview of the security built into your personal website:
Your Information is Secure with eMoney.

No one will have access to your password except you. Your password is only known by you. In addition, to your own personal password, there is another layer of protection with security questions. The answers would only be known by you. After 3 consecutive login attempts fail, the system locks your account blocking programed hacking attempts.

The highest level encrypting technology available scrambles your information from unauthorized users into a garbled mess. Your personal website is certified hacker safe. Even then, we do more. 

This is a non-transactional site. No one (including you), can move money, access your accounts, or withdraw money from your personal website. There are no social security numbers, credit card numbers, or account numbers on this site. This is an information only site, so you can stay in control of your financial life. Those that know what they have, fare better than those that don't.

Watch the short video on the safety and security of your personal website.


Royal American eMoney Family View


Sometimes, life takes us on a path when it's our turn to help our parents and grandparents, like they helped us growing up. Royal American eMoney can help you support them in a way they once supported you, and make this stage in your life a bit easier.

What if you could watch over your parents or grandparents finances on one central, safe and secure location? This could bring substantial peace of mind to the entire family, knowing a family member has the ability to watch out for them. We make this technology available to all of our clients. Another intangible benefit from Royal American Financial Advisors. We are here to help!


Royal American eMoney Mobile Intro


For the busy person on the go. For convenience. Same safety and security. Answers when you want them and when you need them.


RoboAdvisor Does Not Know You. We Do!


We use technology to support our expertise, not to replace it. We use technology to support you! Numbers are only a part of your story.


Royal American eMoney Getting Started Organizer


Where you should get started.


Royal American eMoney Spending & Budgets


An overview of the spending and budget feature of your own personal private and secure website.


Royal American eMoney Secure Vault


An overview of the secure vault feature.


Royal American eMoney Financial Workshop Getting Started


Do you have important financial matters on your mind? Do you wonder if you are saving enough for your retirement? Or for your children's education? Do you wonder if your family will be financially okay if something were to happen? Watch this video to see how the Financial Workshop can help you with planning and with peace of mind.


Royal American eMoney Retirement Strategy Workshop


Are you saving enough for retirement? This workshop will help you take a look at your retirement goals and your strategy for achieving them.


Royal American eMoney Save for Future


Are you one of the few Americans that will retire with financial security? 95% of Americans haven't saved enough for their retirement. Learn how eMoney can help you save for the future.


Royal American eMoney Spend Wisely


Conflict between wants vs. needs. Why the urge to splurge? Before you let advertising reach into your pocket again, take a look at how much things really cost over time. Let eMoney show you how to look at your money in both present and future values.



Getting started documents after receiving your own personal website link and log in user name and temporary password from Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC. Call us today to get started.


Royal American eMoney:
Guide to Getting Started

Royal American eMoney:
Website Registration Process


Client Instruction Guide:
Personal Financial Website Overview


Royal American eMoney:
Adding Accounts


Client Instruction Guide:
Troubleshooting Accounts


Client Instruction Guide:
Organizer Overview


Client Instruction Guide:
Security Overview


Client Instruction Guide:
2 Factor Authentication


Client Instruction Guide:
Mobile Website Overview


Royal American eMoney:
Budget Sheet Instructions


Royal American eMoney:
Spending & Budgeting Overview


Royal American eMoney:
eMoney Secure Vault Benefits & Features


Royal American eMoney:
Client Screen Sharing Instructions


Royal American eMoney:
Client Alerts


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