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What It Means To Be A Fiduciary Advisor

Royal American Financial Advisors is a fiduciary advisor. In keeping your best interests in mind, we will not accept any commissions, fees, or incentives from any third parties or financial institutions. Our compensation is not effected by financial products or incentives. We have made a commitment to only accept compensation directly from our clients. By making this commitment to not accept compensation from third parties, we eliminate potential conflicts, so you can have confidence we are making decisions in your best interest.

Dedicated to Your Peace of MInd,
John Borger & Scott Buchanan

A Word of Caution From John

Investors commonly extrapolate current circumstances and performance (good and bad) into the future. If current circumstances are good and performance is great, they believe that it will continue to be great. If current circumstances are bad and performance is negative, they believe that it will continue to be terrible. This is a big mistake and is false patterning. It can change quickly, without notice.

Never forget this fact. Things will change (good and bad) for reasons unknown to us at the present time. It is important to stay diversified and stay disciplined through good times and bad times, because things will change without advance notice. Good times will end, and bad times will end. Thank goodness there are more good periods than bad periods. Don't be short term focused on current circumstances and performance, because things will change for reasons unknown to us at the present time.   

Invest Intelligently!
John Borger & Scott Buchanan

Greed Meisters and the Greater Fool Theory

What is the greater fool theory? It's when a price can be justified by a rational buyer under the belief that another party is willing to pay an even higher price. In other words, one may pay a price that seems "foolishly" high because one may rationally have the expectation that the item can be resold to a "greater fool" later.

To demonstrate this "greater fool theory", we show you a clip of how the Chinese Army trains their soldiers. You will be shocked! Don't be the greater fool and be the one left holding the bag (or the grenade in this case)!

The gold bubble, the oil bubble, bitcoin, and have you ever heard about the Tulip Bubble in the 1930's? All these bubbles have the same pattern. What do they all have in common? Watch to find out.

"There are two times in a man's life when he should not speculate: when he can't afford it and when he can." - Mark Twain

Invest Intelligently!
John Borger & Scott Buchanan


137 Ways to Get Rich

Wish fulfillment! The fantasy...What if? Forbes magazine published 137 ways to get rich, and 365 ways. Which is it? Another says you can double your money 20 times in the next 20 days. Then we show a humorous clip...You should listen to your wife! Enjoy!

Continue to learn, stay diversified according to your risk tolerance, stay disciplined, and rebalance. Education is your best defense against imprudent investing.
Invest intelligently!
John Borger & Scott Buchanan

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