Mutating Technology Creates Wealth - Autonomous Driving Cars

Mutating technology is one company using the technology or products from two or more other companies to create something else unimaginable and totally unexpected by the original creators. Often, this process can improve the lives of thousands, or sometimes even millions of people, while creating wealth for investors. There are products and services being created right now, behind the scenes, which we cannot even imagine. 
Mutating technology is constant, never ending, and no one can stop its progression. We can never forget this fact when markets are going through temporary downturns, or when the evil people get all the news headlines. The world population is expanding. Wealth is constantly being created all around the world with new services, products, innovations, medical discoveries, and mutating technology, all happening behind the scenes. For the prudent, diversified, long-term investor, there have been far more up periods than down periods, and this is likely to continue. Watch yet another example of the mutating technology that goes into autonomous driving cars.

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Invest intelligently! 
Scott Buchanan 


Rational Optimism - How Wealth is Created

Learning how to be rationally optimistic and knowing how wealth is created are important for long-term investing success. 
The workers, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs all around the world are going about their business every day in buildings, offices, and garages, making this world a better place. You must learn to recognize all the good things that are going on all around us, most of which are difficult to recognize. Most of what is reported daily in the news is bad news. Yet, most of what is happening every day in the world is overwhelmingly good. 
It is difficult to recognize when we are constantly seeing the bad stuff that is happening every single hour we watch or read the news. While we cannot ignore the bad news, and we cannot be blindly optimistic (there will always be evil in this world), if we know and learn how wealth is created all around the world, and know and learn that wealth creation will never stop, we can learn how to be RATIONALLY OPTIMISTIC.
Invest intelligently! 
Scott Buchanan 


Learn to Recognize Wealth Creation

This short video is INSPIRATIONAL and fascinating. Wealth is created by the entrepreneurs, businesses, scientists, engineers, and workers all around the world, every minute of every day giving us safer transportation, faster communications, miracle drugs and medical devices, more powerful computers, and millions of new products and services that are higher quality, have become cheaper, and are more widely available.

If you understand how wealth is created, then you will have confidence in your prudent diversified strategy for your lifetime and beyond.

We provide two more examples of mutating technology, drone cars and virtual reality, how mutating technology is helping sick kids. Free market capitalism is awesome. We hope you enjoy this video!

Scott Buchanan


Why Be Rationally Optimistic?

There is anecdotal evidence that seeing the glass half full plays a role in living a longer life.The 95 year old optimist.and traits optimists have in common.

Invest intelligently!
Scott Buchanan




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